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Our General House Cleaning

Let’s face it, life is hectic, it is busy, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. We understand how frustrating this can be and here at Maids On A Mission, we are making it our quest to help those in our community to keep their homes spotlessly clean. 

With the use of green cleaning products that are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment, we offer a variety of different cleaning services for the San Antonio area. All cleaning services are carried out with to the greatest attention to detail by our highly trained, trusted, and friendly team of cleaners.

One of our most popular cleaning services in San Antonio is our General House Cleaning Service. We send our professional cleaners over for a scheduled visit once, twice, or even four times per month. They come for their visit and leave you with a stunningly clean home, a warm feeling inside, and more time to spend with your family or build your dream.

Every one of our cleaners are special to us, and they are going to extend those feelings to you, our valued San Antonio customers. We know it makes a big difference when you let someone who loves what they do enter your home. Our cleaning team of maids look forward to offering you more time back into your life as well as a sparkly clean home.

Our General House Cleaning Service offers you great value for everything that it includes. When you sign up, you will receive the following services:


  • A dusting of all ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Removal of all cobwebs throughout the home
  • A dusting of all blinds, curtains, window frames, and window sills
  • A dusting of all moldings and woodwork in the home
  • A dusting of all baseboards in the home
  • A dusting of all lamps and lamp shades
  • A dusting of all pictures and other niceties in the home
  • A dusting or wiping of all furniture depending on the material
  • A dusting of the top of the refrigerator

Cleaning And Scrubbing

  • All appliances wiped down
  • All kitchen counters and sinks are scrubbed and sanitized
  • All backsplash scrubbed clean
  • All cabinets are spot-cleaned
  • Stove and drip-trays are scrubbed and sanitized
  • Bathroom floors and counters scrubbed and sanitized
  • Toilet, tub, and/or shower cleaned and sanitized
  • All mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner


  • All floors are either mopped or vacuumed
  • All garbage and wastebaskets emptied
  • Beds made with one set of sheets changed

We take great pride in offering our valued customers an impressive list of cleaning tasks with our general cleaning service package. This is because we want you to experience one of the best feelings in the world; coming home from a long day to a lovely fresh and clean house.

At Maids On A Mission, we are here to serve our customers. All of our wonderful employees are fully trained in a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks and they use stress-free cleaning solutions for your peace of mind. We promise you’ll fall in love with having more time on your hands! Call us today at (210) 988-0288 to book your first General House Cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding General House Cleaning​

We ask that you give us a call as soon as you are seeking to have your home cleaned. We’ve found that we’re typically able to accommodate quick notices while keeping the standards of our efficient cleaning services.

If you need cleaning within two-three hours of the day you call, please ensure to let us know when you call so we can give you priority attention.

This is such an excellent question, and we’re so glad you asked. Our highly-skilled cleaners are eager for your home to be as fresh and clean as possible. We ask that you tidy up your living space and place those random items, including kids toys, that have been gathering in some piles in their appropriate places. Don’t worry; we often have those piles too.

If you wish for us to change your linens, we ask that you leave a clean set of bedding sheets (fitted, flat, pillow cases) on top of each bed that is to be serviced.

Thank you in advance for helping us ensure you have the best cleaning experience possible!

We wish for your home cleaning to be as stress-free for your pet as it is for you. If your pet prefers to have its own space while people are in your home, feel free to place them in a safe and secure location.

If you have a furry loved one that is particular about who you let in your home, we ask that you secure them outside or in a gated area for the safety of your pet and our cleaning crew.

If you plan not to be home when our cleaning team arrives, we ask that you let our team know during your initial consultation so we can establish safe and comfortable protocols for making your home sparkly clean.

At Maids On A Mission, we provide all equipment and green, eco-friendly products that are safe for your family, furry loved ones, and plants.

If you have a product you absolutely love and would like our cleaning crew to use it, please leave it out on the counter. If there are any specific requirements, please leave a small note with your preferences.

Our intention at Maids On A Mission is to give you back more time in your day so you can “follow your dream, while we clean!”

With that being said, you are not required to be present during your one-time or recurring cleaning service.

Upon establishing cleaning services, we’ll make arrangements for keyless entry into our home.

For those who prefer to be home during the cleaning, no problem, we’re more than happy to work around you as you enjoy relaxation tasks.

We’re absolutely excited to hear you’re looking to put more time into your day by hiring a professional cleaning service. At Maids On A Mission, all team members have been thoroughly interviewed by both of our owners, Morris and Tammy and have had an extensive background check performed. Each member of our team is professional and passionate about holding the standards of the Maids On A Mission code of conducts and policies. For Maids on a mission, all employees are fully trained and mentored consistently. If you have any questions regarding our hiring process, feel free to give us a call at (210) 988-0288.

If you find you need to change your appointment time, simply give us a call at (210) 988-0288, so we’re able to move our mobile cleaning teams schedule quickly.

We ask for you to give us a 24-hour notice when rescheduling any service.

At Maids On A Mission, we’re honored to be present in your home and deliver you with top-notch cleaning services. If you have noticed something experienced damages while our cleaning crew was present, feel free to give us a call at (210) 988-0288 so we can determine best next steps to get your item repaired or replaced.

Maids On A Mission is fully bonded and insured. If you prefer a specific area or precious items not to be cleaned or touched during your one time or recurring service, please let us know during your first consultation or give us a call.

While we always go above and beyond to ensure that your home is as sparkly clean as possible, we do have a few guidelines in place to protect both you and our Maids On A Mission employees. With our eco-friendly green cleaning products, we’re more than happy to clean around, and underneath furniture, leaving it in its exact place. We’re also eager to assist with any cleaning tasks that are on the ground level. If you need us to reach somewhere, we’re happy to utilize our two-step ladder.

These rules make sure that you feel safe and secure while our employees are in your home. We make the extra effort to build a trusting relationship with our local clients so that you can feel more comfortable when using our services.

We Look Forward To Serving You

If this sounds like the type of company you would like to do business with, please contact us to setup a free phone estimate or in-house consultation.

We look forward to allowing you to: “Follow your dream while we clean!

At this time Maids on a Mission recommends extra precautions at your home, office or anytime you are in public places. We have to go back to our basic hygiene habits. Stay home if you’re sick. Avoid others who are sick. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with the inner elbow. If you are out in public and you see someone who isn’t, kindly remind them to do so. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. The virus must enter your body for you to get sick. We can’t stress enough the importance of washing your hands. Wash your hands frequently with soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you can’t wash use an alcohol based hand sanitizer; as often as every 15-20 minutes when out in crowded spaces. You’ll want to focus on disinfecting the high touch points in your home or office. At this time our recommendations are every 24 hours in your offices and your cell phones, once a week, at minimum, in your homes and immediately anytime you come in contact with an ill person in your home or office. High touch points in a home or office can include: door knobs, counter tops, table tops, computer keyboards, remote controls, telephones, switch plates, door handles, appliance handles, toilet, sink, tub, and shower handles. If disinfected properly it can help keep you and your family healthy through this epidemic READ YOUR PRODUCT LABELS. It’s important to read your disinfecting product directions on the back of the product before use. Disinfecting is not a spray and wipe process. It needs dwell time to take effect. Dwell time means allow the product to sit on the surface. Do not spray and wipe. Also keep in mind if your surfaces are built up with a lot of dust, soap, scum etc. you have to clean those surfaces before you can disinfect. You can’t disinfect until you’ve removed the build up. Maintaining the cleaning and clutter in your home or office on a weekly basic will save you time if you need to quickly disinfect. If anyone with an illness is in your home or office you’ll want to disinfect touch points immediately after learning they were ill. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or if we can help assist you in any way. All we ask is if you experience illnesses please let us know in advance by calling the OFFICE IMMEDIATELY at (210)988-0288. We are here to help protect us all. Our staff has been instructed to do the same. Our staff will come to into your home with gloves, face masks, shoe booties, and a no touch thermometer to instantly show that they are not fevered when entering your home.

Don’t panic just take precautions when out in public. It’s important to get out during this time. We all need a little sunshine. It’s good for the body and soul. Do get out a few hours a day. Be cautious in public places and carry your hand sanitizer sprays when you go out.


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