Are you overwhelmed and struggling with back to school anxiety?

Overwhelmed & struggling with back to school anxiety?

Back to school doesn’t just leave kids overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety. Back to school, anxiety is just as real for parents. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, “Parents and kids can affect each other’s anxious behaviors” (Eley, McAdams, 2015)1)Eley, T., McAdams, T., Rijsdijk, F., Lichtenstein, P., Narusyte, J., Reiss, D., … Neiderhiser, J. M. (2015). The intergenerational transmission of anxiety: a children-of-twins study. The American Journal of Psychiatry. Therefore, rigorous school demands that require: parent involvement, attendance of school functions, countless hours of homework help leave both parents and children drained. Stress results in other daily tasks and housekeeping chores, having to take backseats. Unfortunately, what we don’t realize is that when some of these chores, such as cleaning take a backseat, we get overwhelmed and anxiety takes a front seat.

We’ve all been there. During the summer months, our homes are neat and tidy because we have time and extra hands to help. However, during the fall, those same hands are busy with school functions, doing homework, work, and merely trying to make it to the winter break. It is during the fall when most household chores suffer. There isn’t enough time to clean a home.

Women struggling with anxiety increase cortisol levels

No wonder everyone is overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety. While the list above doesn’t seem significant, however, it does affect anxiety. Researchers find that women end up with higher levels of cortisol when their homes are not clean (Psychology today, 2019)2)The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness. (2019, September 20). Retrieved from Individuals become physically overwhelmed “by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently” (psychology today. 2019). Think about it. How can you focus on homework or other things, when your mind is always thinking about: how the floors need mopping, the bathrooms need cleaning, the dishwasher needs loading? So, how can you create a balance between your family, career, hobbies, and school work if you spend all your time cleaning? For many, being able to create this kind of balanced life is only a dream.

Improve your quality of life

The struggle is real. Trust us, we know. We can’t be all things to all people. However, we can learn to delegate, utilize, and afford the resources to help us. Most individuals never consider maid services as something that improves a person’s quality of life. Instead, we view housekeeping services as a luxury. Science proves that a clean house lowers cortisol levels that affect organs, nervous system, and overall health. Shouldn’t you and your children be able to have a happy, healthy life? Rid yourself of that unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Let Maids on a Mission take a load off. We provide affordable house cleaning solutions. We take the stress of cleaning off your shoulders and make sure that you have time for your real priorities. So, why are you waiting? Call us today and take that first step to making your dream of a balanced and anxiety reduced life a reality.  “Follow your dream while we clean!” Get your free quote today!

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1. Eley, T., McAdams, T., Rijsdijk, F., Lichtenstein, P., Narusyte, J., Reiss, D., … Neiderhiser, J. M. (2015). The intergenerational transmission of anxiety: a children-of-twins study. The American Journal of Psychiatry.
2. The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness. (2019, September 20). Retrieved from

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