The Maids On A Mission – 5 Techniques We Apply For Every Cleaning

If you have been living in an apartment or a house for some time, you can be sure that some deep cleaning is going to be required from time to time. Living in a space, even if you are a clean and tidy person, takes its toll on the interior of a home. As professional cleaners in San Antonio, we have seen just about every cleaning situation you could imagine. As a result, our highly trained team of cleaners has the knowledge, skills, and experience that is necessary to get any space back to its former glory.

With our passion for cleaning homes, our trustworthy maids have developed the most efficient cleaning techniques to get your home sparkly clean. Our house cleaning services has given us the know-how that we need to ensure that your home is cleaned to the very highest standards possible. Using the most advanced and up-to-date tools, methods, and techniques, we can ensure that your home will be sparkling clean in no time. As a homeowner, we know that your home says a lot about you, and we want to ensure that it says all the right things.

Cleaning High Before Cleaning Low

No matter what kind of space you are living in, one essential cleaning technique that always yields successful results is cleaning high before cleaning low. Dust and dirt do not just gather on floors; they nestle into the higher up spaces of your house too. The tops of wardrobes, dressers, ceiling fans and even the upper areas of your windows are all magnets for dust. These areas often get forgotten as they fall into the unfortunate ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category for most homeowners.

When our team of cleaners in San Antonio enter a property, they start cleaning up high and finish down low. This prevents sweeping and mopping all of your floors only to send dust back down on them again after cleaning other areas of your home. Starting with the higher up elements and working down is one great way to ensure that when the dust settles, your home looks as good as can be.

Mirrors And Glass

Once all of the dust has been removed, the mirrors and glass are what we tackle next. Although some would recommend you to use newspaper to clean your mirrors and glass surfaces, our highly trained maids do not recommend this technique. If you utilize this DIY approach at home, please know it can be more detrimental than beneficial for your glass. At Maids On A Mission, cleaners in San Antonio recommend wiping glass surfaces with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel after cleaning, to ensure there is no streaking.

Looking After The Garbage

Another highly effective yet straightforward technique we apply to each home cleaning is to remove all of the trash that located within a home. Taking out the garbage, and anything else that doesn’t belong there makes a home feel fresh and clean in its unique ways. As detail-oriented maids, we tackle even the smallest trashcans located in the bathroom, in the home office, and in bedrooms too. Emptying these during our cleaning process ensures that your home always looks clean and tidy.

Prepare For A Clean Sweep

Having the right tools and skills to get a deep clean underway is helpful, and our maids have just that! We happily go around the house with a broom and then mop, cleaning around everything that occupies the floor. We take the time to walk through the house and remove larger items from the floor space so we can sweep and then mop the floors properly. Before our team arrives, please gather all children’s toys, clothes, shoes, and other odds and ends that might be scattered throughout the home. This will ensure we can do the best in-depth clean possible.

Organize The Kitchen

We know that if you want your home to give the best impression of who you are, then a clean kitchen is a must! Let us help you get those grease spots, scum build-up, and dirty areas is a kitchen sparkly clean while you do the things you love. As providers of superior house cleaning in San Antonio, we take things one step further than the traditional kitchen cleaning. We assist in basic stuff like cleaning appliance surfaces, scrubbing and sanitizing the counters, and spot cleaning all cabinets. We know that some areas need a little bit more love to sparkle like new, so if you have any requests, please let us know.

Before our maids arrive, take the extra few minutes to put away any cups, plates, bowls, glasses and anything else that might be left out from you washing the dishes. The kitchen and your sink will look neater and tidier as a result.

Choose Cleaners In San Antonio Who Know What They’re Doing

Here at Maids On A Mission, our detailed house cleaning services are second to none. All of our cleaners and maids are trained to the highest standards and take great pride in their work. For cleaners in San Antonio who truly know what they are doing, you need house cleaning services that have a proven track record. We provide a range of cleaning services in the local area, using the techniques necessary to get your house looking its best. Give us a call on (210) 988-0288 to request a quote today.

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