use our top-to-bottom cleaning services to be prepared for surprise visitors

Top-To-Bottom Cleaning – Keep Your Home Looking Its Best For Surprise Visitors

At Maids On A Mission, we understand that even the most house-proud homeowners have those days where they can’t face to look at a bottle of polish or a vacuum, but this is where our maid service in San Antonio can step in to save the day. With our Top-To-Bottom cleaning services, you can relax and get on with your day, knowing that your home is being cleaned by our team of dedicated, professional, and highly-trained cleaners.

As many homeowners know too well, it’s often these days when you can’t face the cleaning, that a surprise visitor calls to let you know that they are on the way. A quick clean, while they’re en route, will make your home look tidier, but without a deep, Top-To-Bottom clean, it will be almost impossible to present your house at it’s very best. While the obvious solution might be to simply keep your house clean and tidy all of the time, this is not always feasible.

We get it; life is busy, you have other commitments, there are more important and exciting things to do than spend your free time scrubbing your home from Top-To-Bottom. Our mission is to allow you to “follow your dream while we clean” and with our professional Top-To-Bottom cleaning service in San Antonio, working hard to keep your home sparkling clean, you can go and do just that!

Why Choose Top-To-Bottom Cleaning

No matter how regularly you clean your home, dust and dirt accumulate in those hard-to-reach places and areas that you just don’t spend that much time. It’s not uncommon for even the cleanest homeowners to find dust bunnies and dirt in the most unusual places. Your house might look clean, neat, and tidy, but without really rolling up your sleeves and doing a thorough Top-To-Bottom clean, your home’s interior will never be as sparkly clean as it can really be.

Our cleaners at Maids On A Mission work hard to ensure that no corner of your home is left untouched. With our Top-To-Bottom cleaning service in San Antonio, we don’t just clean the surfaces; we scrub your home so that it really shines. This detailed cleaning service is not designed to give the impression of a clean house; it is designed to get into every nook and cranny and restore your home to its former clean and tidy glory!

What Is Included In A Top-To-Bottom Clean?

As you might expect, the Maids On A Mission Top-To-Bottom cleaning service is the most thorough and in-depth cleaning service available in San Antonio. Not only do we include all of the services from our general house cleaning service, but we also go above and beyond to offer even more of our excellent cleaning services.

When you book a Top-To-Bottom clean with Maids On A Mission, you can be confident knowing that your home will be cleaned with an unparalleled level of attention to detail, to leave your home spotlessly clean. The additional services you can expect from our Top-To-Bottom cleaning services include:

  • Hand cleaning of all doors and door frames.
  • Hand cleaning of all baseboards and tiles.
  • Hand cleaning of all windows, window sills, and window frames.
  • Hand cleaning of all light fixtures and light switches.
  • Hand cleaning of all ceiling fans and their blades.
  • Hand cleaning of all cabinets and cupboards.
  • Carpets are detailed with fine attachments, so corners and edges are spotless.
  • All stairs are completely detailed, whether carpet or wood.
  • Detailed cleaning and maintenance/prevention in all bathrooms.
  • Detailed cleaning and maintenance/prevention in the kitchen.
  • Detailed cleaning of microwave and other kitchen appliances.
  • Detailed dusting of every reachable surface in your home.
  • Inspection and vacuuming of air return vents.
  • Vacuuming of blinds.

With all of these additional services added to the already incredibly comprehensive general cleaning service we offer here at Maids On A Mission, you know that your home is guaranteed to look its very best by the time our cleaners in San Antonio are finished.

Benefits Of Our Top-To-Bottom Cleaning Service In San Antonio

Coming back to a sparkling clean home is, of course, one of the biggest advantages of booking a Top-To-Bottom clean of your home. However, there are many other benefits that our cleaners in San Antonio can bring through a thorough cleaning of your home. From health benefits to improving the safety of your home, keeping pests away, and even reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, the benefits of a clean home cannot be understated.

Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

Stress can have a huge impact on our health. When your home is untidy or dirty, you will have cleaning on your mind, whether you have the time to clean your living spaces or not. This creates stress and anxiety, which can lead to increased stress, putting you at more risk of becoming ill.

Making Your Home Safer

One of the leading causes of injuries in any home is falling. If your home is a mess, then you are at a higher risk of tripping over objects that have been left lying around, which can put you in the accident and emergency room quicker than you might think.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

From cockroaches to mice to termites, household pests love a dirty home. When your house is left untidy, they can find more places to hide, nest, and breed in your home. They are also attracted to food debris, spilled drink stains, and other dirty areas of your home that simply will not exist after a Top-To-Bottom cleaning service from our team at Maids On A Mission.

Reducing Allergy And Asthma Symptoms

If you or anyone living in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, you will already know the importance of keeping your living space as free of dust as possible. Mold, dust mites, and pet dander can accumulate quickly in an untidy or dirty home which, can lead to a decrease in air quality and a higher probability of asthma problems. Having your home professionally and thoroughly cleaned will eliminate this issue for those living in your home.

Every Home Needs A Top-To-Bottom Clean

At Maids On A Mission, we take great pride in serving the residents of San Antonio with our Top-To-Bottom cleaning service that they can rely on to ensure that their home is left as clean as possible. With regular cleaning, you can be sure that your house will look clean, no matter when your guests arrive.

To find out more about our Top-To-Bottom cleaning service or to book your appointment today, get in touch with our team today or give us a call on (210) 988-0288.

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