What to Expect from a Maid Service in San Antonio?

If you have little time to relax as it is and only have the weekends free from a schedule of relentless work deadlines, you’re better off hiring a maid service. Here’s what to expect, though, when you make that call. Knowing the services they offer will help you get a good sense of what the crew will take care of, how much it will cost, and why it’s worth every penny.


When you hire maid services in San Antonio, you can expect them to take care of the dust in your home. If you have layers of dust piled nearly everywhere, no worries. Your maid service will make the dust disappear so that you can come home to dust-free rooms.

Vacuuming and Floor Mopping

You can also expect the maid service to take care of vacuuming and mopping your floors. Cleaning floors take up a lot of time, especially if you have many rooms to cover. Hiring a maid service means you can see to other tasks while your cleaning service takes care of your floors. They’ll get rid of stubborn grime and stains, so you won’t have to go down on your hands and knees to scrub them out.

Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures

Your maid service will also take care of your bathroom and plumbing fixtures. If you have little to no time to clean the bathroom, from the mirrors and toilet bowls to the floor, tub, and walls, your maid service can do this. Be sure to ask what their bathroom cleaning will cover, just to be sure, though. It should include cleaning the toilets and sinks along with the showers and bathtubs. Everything must be clean and germ-free.

Dishes and Appliances

The maid service might also clean your dishes and appliances. However, cleaning the appliances every week might not be necessary. That means you’ll need to let the maid service know when those cleaning times should be done.

Laundry Tasks

Some maid services also do the laundry for you. You should let them know about this ahead of time. They’ll do this first and while the washing machine is running, will see to all the other tasks on their list. By the work is done, the clothes should be ready, too.

Deep Clean Tasks

Do you want them to clean your windows? Ask if that’s part of the services they offer. They might also provide other deep cleaning tasks that you’ll be interested in.

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