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Availability For New Clients – Why You Need Maids On A Mission

As the premier maid service in San Antonio, our cleaners at Maids On A Mission have earned a reputation for being the best in the business. We understand that life can get busy, and we are here to take the stress out of your day by keeping your home as clean and tidy as it can be. With our professional cleaning service working hard for you, there’s no need to spend time worrying about how clean your home is. Instead, you can “follow your dreams while we clean” and spend your free time doing the things you absolutely love.

We currently have availability for new clients at Maids On A Mission, and, as always, we look forward to delivering the very best cleaning service for each client. Our team of home cleaners take great pride in what they do and are trained to the highest standards. Each home that we work in is treated with the utmost respect, and you can be sure that with our expert cleaning knowledge that your home will be left immaculately clean. Join us at Maids On A Mission and enjoy just some of the benefits outlined below that our maid cleaning services can provide.

Attention To Detail

First and foremost, we’re dedicated to providing cleaning services that families and business professionals can truly rely on. Our maids leave no stone unturned in making sure that your home is cleaned to the very highest standard. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and unlike other cleaning services in San Antonio, we don’t skip corners or take shortcuts when we are working in your home. Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything that we do, allowing us to provide the most detail-orientated house cleaning services.

Flexible Services

At Maids On A Mission, we understand that no two homeowners’ needs are going to be the same. For this reason, we offer several services that can be tailored to your needs as required. Whether you require a general house cleaning, a more thorough top-to-bottom deluxe house cleaning service, or a move in/move out cleaning service, we have you covered.

Customer Safety

If you have young children or pets, or both in your home, their safety will be your number one priority. Cleaning products can contain strong chemicals and toxins that can pose a risk to the health of you and your family. We are 100% committed to using green products to ensure the safety of your family, your pets, and our cleaners. The green products we use to clean your home are highly effective in ensuring your home is left sparkling clean.

Family Run Business

Maids On A Mission is a local San Antonio cleaning company that is family-run, woman-owned, and veteran-operated. Our mission is to provide you more time to “follow your dreams while we clean!” This mission at the core of everything that we do, you can be sure that our home cleaners will always go above and beyond to ensure your house is as clean as possible and that you have more time to spend pursuing your passions in life.

Join Our Happy Clients At Maids On A Mission

Join our list of happy, satisfied clients to ensure that your home always looks its best and to free up more time in your day. Get in touch with our team of cleaners in San Antonio at Maids On A Mission today or give us a call on (210) 988-0288 to find out how our cleaning services can allow you to spend more time doing what you love most.

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At this time Maids on a Mission recommends extra precautions at your home, office or anytime you are in public places. We have to go back to our basic hygiene habits. Stay home if you’re sick. Avoid others who are sick. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with the inner elbow. If you are out in public and you see someone who isn’t, kindly remind them to do so. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. The virus must enter your body for you to get sick. We can’t stress enough the importance of washing your hands. Wash your hands frequently with soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you can’t wash use an alcohol based hand sanitizer; as often as every 15-20 minutes when out in crowded spaces. You’ll want to focus on disinfecting the high touch points in your home or office. At this time our recommendations are every 24 hours in your offices and your cell phones, once a week, at minimum, in your homes and immediately anytime you come in contact with an ill person in your home or office. High touch points in a home or office can include: door knobs, counter tops, table tops, computer keyboards, remote controls, telephones, switch plates, door handles, appliance handles, toilet, sink, tub, and shower handles. If disinfected properly it can help keep you and your family healthy through this epidemic READ YOUR PRODUCT LABELS. It’s important to read your disinfecting product directions on the back of the product before use. Disinfecting is not a spray and wipe process. It needs dwell time to take effect. Dwell time means allow the product to sit on the surface. Do not spray and wipe. Also keep in mind if your surfaces are built up with a lot of dust, soap, scum etc. you have to clean those surfaces before you can disinfect. You can’t disinfect until you’ve removed the build up. Maintaining the cleaning and clutter in your home or office on a weekly basic will save you time if you need to quickly disinfect. If anyone with an illness is in your home or office you’ll want to disinfect touch points immediately after learning they were ill. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or if we can help assist you in any way. All we ask is if you experience illnesses please let us know in advance by calling the OFFICE IMMEDIATELY at (210)988-0288. We are here to help protect us all. Our staff has been instructed to do the same. Our staff will come to into your home with gloves, face masks, shoe booties, and a no touch thermometer to instantly show that they are not fevered when entering your home.

Don’t panic just take precautions when out in public. It’s important to get out during this time. We all need a little sunshine. It’s good for the body and soul. Do get out a few hours a day. Be cautious in public places and carry your hand sanitizer sprays when you go out.


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